Welcome to the Destination Marketing Group Blog

Welcome to the Destination Marketing Group (DMG) blog.

We are likely new to you, thank you for visiting our site and the DMG blog. We plan on using this space to introduce ourselves to you and share a little more about ourselves and our company. We want to share our history, tell the story of how we came to be involved in the destination marketing industry and how the DMG came to be. We’ll share with you how it all got started, where we’ve been since inception, what we’ve accomplished thus far, where we see ourselves now, and where we see ourselves being in the future.

We want to use this space to try and the educate decision makers of privately and publicly funded groups and leaders of businesses with an active interest in the promotion of destination specific travel and tourism, or any business person engaged in the promotion of destination specific goods and services about the powerful tourism marketing program we have put together which can only be described as the highest quality destination specific lead generation system available anywhere on the market today. That’s a big statement. We stand behind it and have the numbers to prove it.

We are going to share everything about what we do and how we do it right here on our blog, so we hope you’ll check back.