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The Destination Marketing Group sources public and corporate interest for a variety of destination specific goods and services such as requests for individual or group lodging, convention services, tickets to events and or attractions. The company then works to fulfill specific requests for services in desired destinations by connecting requesting parties with one or more of our business network partners who can serve them in any of the over 180 markets we serve in North America.

We Take Travel Local

Leading the way

The Destination Marketing Group “Leads” the way. Literally. We provide destination marketing organizations and businesses of all sizes with access to new and increased numbers of potential visitors to their cities leading to increased sales of their products and services.

Travel is one of the largest, most developed and most mature market served by technology. Today, travel quotes and arrangements are sourced and booked almost entirely online.  We’ve been active in the destination marketing space for over a decade and know that any successful marketing solution must have its roots strongly embedded in technology. We have developed a marketing system that is and it is so simple, so unique, and so effective that we actually guarantee results to anyone that uses it.  Our fool proof lead generation system harnesses the power of the Internet to source and qualify prospective users of specific products and then employs technology to disperse these leads to businesses who can fulfill them.

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Our Destination Network

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Palm Springs

Atlantic City

New York



Las Vegas



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